What we do

We create an all-round experience for you and your business

At Code Studio we are dedicated to help you create an immersive experience to achieve your business goals in an easy, efficient and user friendly manner using bleeding edge technologies.

Solutions and systems that suit your needs

We create solutions that are specific to your needs. Systems that help you understand your data and act accordingly to succeed

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Discovery & Strategy

We can help you optimize your content to make it available in search giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Hosting & Security

We use state of the art dedicated virtual private servers from reputed and well known services like Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Google Compute Engines

Web Design & Development

We provide custom web design and development to help you fulfill your business needs.

Performance Marketing

We can help you reach your target audience with the help of bleeding edge and advanced online marketing technologies and strategies.

Let’s build great things together

We love working with our clients. Each new project is a new experience and a beginning of something beautiful. We will help you build your online presence and convert your manual and tedious workflow into a functional software


Let your mind explore

We use our proprietary  system called "Content Factory" to build your websites, web apps, data servers for your mobile apps and much more. Content Factory is a modular and extendable system which can do a lot more than just content management.

Easy to use

Our systems have friendly user interface and provide delightful user experience .

Customer Friendly

Your customers will be delighted just as you would while using our systems.

Clever Features

We use state of the art technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you manage and market your content.

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We help small businesses build an online presence and turn their workflow to functional software



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